Cooking is art, your boards should be too.

Welcome to Good Grain Boards. My name is Devin and I'm a creative. Therefore, I will create boards by hand, as I’m inspired to do so, numbering each one.  Only God knows how many I will make, but certainly as only one man I will be limited in the quantity I can produce.  

If you own one of my Good Grain Boards, you will be one of the very few people who does.  And I hope that is special to you and your family; to know that you own something rare, unique, and hand crafted.

My wish is that you will use your board and create many happy memories with friends and family around amazing food.  And when the time comes you will pass this board along down your family line so the next generation can do the same.


Devin Hajek

Every piece is designed to showcase its unique Good Grain.



  • Handmade

    Each board is made from unique hardwoods, by hand. You will find unique features and some imperfections in each.

  • Numbered

    Each board receives a number relating to the order it was made. I started numbering at 1 and have no idea where it stops. As just one man, surely it will be limited.

  • Rare

    Each board is 1 of 1. There are no two pieces of wood that are the same, and I create these boards to each be unique. Each shape is hand cut and sanded so no two are exactly alike.